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About Us

Our mission is to support the needs of cancer patients actively receiving treatment in the greater Fox Valley in Wisconsin.

A Ride For Hope began when a nurse saw the strength and resilience of patients she worked with every day, which inspired her to want to do "more".  It started as a single event in 2015, but has grown into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has supported cancer patients in the Greater Fox Valley area.

98% of every dollar donated goes towards assisting cancer patients 

What does A Ride For Hope do?  

The main purpose of our Financial Assistance Program is to decrease financial barriers to support ongoing care for the treatment of cancer, to provide the gift of hope and support mental health, to positively influent longevity of life, and build and nurture a community of allies.  

What does the research say?

Cancer is the leading cause of death  in Wisconsin.  Treatment, insurance status, and financial resources are direct factors shown to influence longevity rates, among others. 

Cancer patients are vulnerable to financial hardship that may manifest as material (e.g., problems paying medical bills, medical debt, and bankruptcy), psychological (e.g., stress or worry about paying medical bills), or behavioral (e.g., delaying or forgoing necessary medical care because of cost) aspects.   Even when survivors have private or government health insurance, out-of-pocket costs of cancer care often pose a significant financial burden for them and their families.  Poverty is a risk factor for cancer and a major contributing factor to health disparities.

Why support us?

Cancer is expensive and patients may have financial challenges, like medical co-pays, medical equipment, prescription drug assistance, transportation challenges, utilities, rent, taxes, groceries, and other daily living needs.  A Ride For Hope strives to expedite financial assistance by getting money in the hands of qualified patients within 30-days upon receipt to ensure continuity of care. We support patients fighting any type of cancer. 

Our focus

A Ride For Hope provides the gift of hope.  Through our Financial Assistance Program, we grant financial assistance for expenses directly related to the active treatment or services to receive treatment.  The grant is typically less than $500 per patient per year, based on financial need and the financial capabilities of the organization.  It is our desire that recipients have a continuity of care and we are able to support compliance to their treatment plan and to positively impact the patient's mental health.

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