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Carrie, our treasurer

Meet Carrie, A Ride for Hope’s treasurer! Carrie is our financial lady who helps ensure that A Ride for Hope stays within event budgets, gets our annual taxes filed correctly and no time, and that we have the funds to continue giving the gift of hope. Carrie has been with A Ride for Hope ever since she met Suzette, A Ride for Hope’s founder and president, who was her mother’s nurse during her cancer journey. After becoming friends with Suzette and seeing how much others needed the support given by A Ride for Hope, Carrie joined the team! Carrie’s favorite part about working with A Ride for Hope is that she is able to meet patients during such a hard time in their lives and help them as they navigate their courageous battle.

Before retiring, Carrie worked at an accounting firm for 22 years. She loves to spend her retirement riding her motorcycle and traveling with her husband. Carrie has already toured the UK and China and has many other destinations on her bucket list! Carrie also loves to enjoy vintage cars with her husband as they have 5 collector cars of their own. One of the cars Carrie and her husband have is a 76 VW bus which they love driving around and hearing stories from other people who once owned one as well.

Another fun fact about Carrie is that the original motorcycle she learned to ride on, a 1996 85CC Kawasaki, now belongs to her son who also learned to ride using that bike!

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