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Meet Stephanie, founding board member

Meet Stephanie, A Ride for Hope’s safety director!

Stephanie’s work on the board ensures that all riders remain safe during the ride(s) in many ways such as training blockers, ensuring chase vehicles are present, and much more. Outside her work with A Ride for Hope, Stephanie is a full-time teacher, wife, mother, and grammy. On her downtime, Stephanie enjoys riding her motorcycle, knitting & crocheting, and spending time up north with her husband. One fun fact about Stephanie is that she loves her role as a Grammy and describes her grandson as the cutest little boy in the world!

Stephanie joined A Ride for Hope in 2018 when offered a volunteer opportunity for the annual Ride for Hope event. With a passion for volunteering and helping others, Stephanie has been with the organization ever since, helping A Ride for Hope reach its goals. Stephanie describes her work with A Ride for Hope as very rewarding and states her favorite part of being the safety director is “knowing she is a part of an organization that directly impacts and helps patients who are going through a very trying time”

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