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Meet the board member

Meet Jackie, A Ride for Hope’s secretary! When not dedicating her time to A Ride for Hope Jackie is a mother to six children and enjoys playing sheepshead with her family. Jackie likes to sing karaoke and dance during her free time. Jackie loves riding her motorcycle and is proud to have earned the Iron Butt award, an award honored to riders who ride 1,000 miles within 24 hours. Another fun fact about Jackie is that she has been in many musicals!

Jackie was interested in joining A Ride for Hope because of her love for riding and strong support for the organization’s cause. After meeting A Ride for Hope’s founder, Suzette and some of the cancer patients, Jackie knew she had to be a part of the Ride for Hope team. When asked what her favorite part about volunteering for A Ride for Hope is Jackie said she loved the feeling of being able to help patients in need and support such a great cause. Jackie also stated, “ I love working with all the other ladies on the board, I feel like it is a privilege to be working alongside them”!

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