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Meet the President

Meet Suzette, A Ride for Hope’s founder and president! Suzette works full-time as an oncology nurse for the ThedaCare Regional Cancer Center helping and supporting cancer patients.

Suzette founded A Ride for Hope in 2015 as a way to give back to her patients for their inspiration. Going through a difficult time herself, Suzette saw the courage and strength the cancer patients around her had and it motivated her to stay strong in her own journey. Suzette explains “coming to work made me realize that what I was going through was peanuts” and the motivation to give back to those cancer patients she helped was born. Now, six years later, A Ride for Hope has helped nearly 300 cancer patients within the Fox Valley area.

When she is not busy with work or A Ride for Hope, Suzette likes to spend time with her son, future husband, and family. Suzette also enjoys going for walks/runs, cooking, going to concerts, spending time outside when the weather is warm, and of course riding her motorcycle.

One fun fact about Suzette is that she describes herself as a total nerd and a hopeless romantic!

Suzette states her favorite part about A Ride for Hope is “seeing the community come together to help patients and seeing how much the community supports and believes in the organization’s cause”.

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