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Safety Committee supports a safe ride in September

During our annual, Ride For Hope, numerous volunteers dedicate their time and passion for riding to support us.

The safety committee is made up of board members and volunteers that are dedicated to the safety of bikers/participants participating in the Ride for Hope event. The purpose of the Safety Committee is to recruit and train blockers to ensure safety at intersections and identify Road Captains to ensure safe riding practices occur during the group ride. A few safety committee members have attended the Accident Scene Management training offered by the Road Guardians. If you love to ride and want to play a bigger role in supporting our event, come volunteer! We offer training and more importantly meet and enjoy riding with others. If you would like to learn more and understand the time commitment, please reach out and our Safety Director, Stephanie S, will walk through options for you to get involved.

A Ride for Hope is looking for volunteer blockers for the upcoming 2021 Ride for Hope. If you are interested in being a blocker, email or fill out a volunteer application using the link below.

Ride for Hope volunteer application:

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